Calculate rescreening cost for your enclosure

In order to calculate the cost of your rescreen project, we will require some dimensions. You can take measurements in advance and then just fill in the blocks or you can give estimated dimensions. Estimated dimensions are not always accurate. The calculator is as accurate as your measurements.

This is by far the best screen enclosure cost estimator. Use it to calculate costs for rescreening your deck, costs for rescreening your porch, costs for pool rescreening, or any other screen project. The calculator uses your mesurements to find your cost to rescreen a pool cage.

Fill out all the form elements. Use only whole numbers. If the value is 0, put 0 instead of leaving it blank. Once all elements have been filled in, you have a completed estimate. You can change values afterwards to make adjustments. Use the tab key or mouse to move between elements.

Always round up to the nearest foot.

1.  Roof construction
Flat Roof Gable  Mansard 
 Flat  Gable  Mansard

2.  Measure the outside perimeter of your enclosure. Do not include the side of the enclosure shared with other structures or wall areas without screen. Round up to the nearest foot.

3.  Measure the height of the highest outer walls of the enclosure in feet. Don't forget to round up.

4.  Measure the size of the slab; width and length. Measure at widest points in both directions. Don't forget to round up. (If roof is not screen material, put 0 for both length and width. To include Elite roof, double the width. Also select Flat for roof construction.) (Main beams go in same direction as width.)

5.  Width between main beams. Main beams span the structure in one direction. Width between beams lets us know the width of the material to be purchased. Don't forget to round up.

Beam Spacing:  
6.  New Spline Material. All used spline will be discarded and replaced with new spline material. Roughly 1000 Ft of spline is required to do each 2000 Sq. Ft. of screen. Comes in 1000 Ft rolls.

Spline Rolls:  
Optional Items:

7.  Number of screen doors for the structure. We will install door kits (closures, latch, & bottom weather-stripping) for each door.

8.  Mesh size requested. 18/14 gauge is a standard size mesh. Pine needles will penetrate and dangle in the screen roof. Also, some gnats will get through the screen. A smaller 20/20 gauge mesh will prevent pine needle penetration and keep out virtually all insects. TuffScreen (18/14) and No-See-Ums (20/20) have 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Mesh Gauge:  
9.  Split Purlins. Typically we do the roof using the sheeting method (one piece accoss the entire roof). This is the preferred way to install because of labor cost. It is also safer because the installer can stay on the main beams. Splitting the sheeting at each purlin and rolling spline in both tracks of each purlin is labor intensive and less safe for the installer. The wider the distance between beams, the less safe this task becomes. If you want to split the screen at the purlins and roll in each section individually, there is an additional charge for each section. If you are unsure about the roof install method, you can discuss with your installer. A decision can be made anytime including after the roof is installed.

Roof Install Method:  

We will honor this price for the inputs given. If scope of work changes you may want to re-calculate your project. Any work required outside the limits of the estimate inputs can be accomplish on a supplimental work order. We think we are the lowest priced rescreen company in the Jacksonville area. With this estimate, we are giving you our best price first. If you can find comparable services elsewhere at a better price, take it. We are sure of our quality workmanship and material, and we can't do any better on price. And we don't think anyone else will either.

Total Sq. Ft. Screen:  
Optional Costs:  
Total Price:  
If you don't already have a total price figure above, click on the "Re-Calc!" button to recalculate the figures. If total price says NaN or Infinity, make sure all the blocks are filled in.

* Minimum price $175.00
# The calculated price is good for full rescreen projects only.
## Calculations based on aluminum frame constuction of existing enclosure.

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